The Cooperative “Cretan Garden”

The Cooperative “ΚρητικόΠεριβόλι(Cretan Garden)” was founded in 2006. In the first year of its establishment, it consisted of 70 acres of cultivated land and 7 team members. Today the Cooperative after 7 years of function, has raised its members to 25 in addition to the board which is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and two members. The headquarters of the Cooperative are located in the settlement of  KENTRI in the region of the municipality of  IERAPETRA, on the southeast coast of the island CRETE facing the Libyan sea whose climatic conditions (more sunshine and higher average temperature in Greece) results to excellent quality products and that quality differentiates the products of Cretan Garden. 

  The cooperative facilities  are  located in a fully equipped area of ​​175 square meters.  For someone to join the cooperative, there are basic conditions such as, team spirit, and product quality.

Our products

·         “Beef” tomatoes  (“tori”brand) is our main product

·        Pomodori tomatoesin smaller quantity 

·        Cucumber(Knossos type)in small quantities during the summer

Our Goals

  • ·        researchthat will achieve larger quantities in high quality. For this purpose the cooperation uses specialized facilities for experimental cultivation such as hydroponics. 
  • ·        standardization packagingand greenhouse nylon improvements
  • ·        Machinery improvements
  • ·        Adapt to the needs of our customers both businesses and end consumers taking into accountthe safety and taste of our products


Certifications and qualityOur products are certified with distinguished certifications like Agro ( which is a certification granted of the Greek Ministry) and the Global Cap which is a European certification. These certifications guarantee the product’s quality level, (which is the highest for the cooperation) and set limits on the use of pesticides and fertilizers used in products.